我是先未。We are

专注提供品牌深度整合服务, 关注每一位合作伙伴的需要, 注重每一个细节的雕琢, 遵守每一个许下的承诺, 承担每一个肩负的责任。 用独特的创新思维和敏锐的洞察力, 为合作伙伴创造差异化的品牌价值。 以专业的团队力量, 为合作伙伴量身打造可落地实施的品牌方案。 和合作伙伴一路同行, 用每一次创新、每一份努力 共同为品牌创造无限可能。
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Focus on providing brand deep integration services, paying attention to the needs of each partner, paying attention to each detail, obeying every promise made, and shouldering each responsibility. Create differentiated brand values for partners with unique innovative thinking and keen insight. With a professional team strength, we will create a brand solution that can be implemented on a partner basis. With the partners, we will create unlimited possibilities for each brand with every innovation and every effort.
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Let us grow together and chase dreams together.

品牌策划机构 Brand Planning agency

Explore,understand,inspire creativity,create,evaluate and implement.
工作流程 Work process
  1. 我们相信我们的工作流程能够使我们取得卓越的成果。 我们根据现实基础创建策略,然后构建出令人惊叹的创意。
    We trust our work process that makes us to achieve outstanding results. We create strategies based on ground reality and then build
    out amazing ideas.

  2. 我们要求客户填写有关要求的创意简介。 我们会进行多次讨论和简短会议以了解项目。 然后,我们将提出报价和时间表。
    We ask clients to fill creative brief about there requirements. We do multiple discussions & brief meetings to understand project. And then, we will come up with quote & timelines.

  3. 一旦引用被批准,我们就开始集思广益并创建线框来分享我们的想法和方向。 在获得概念线框批准后,我们开始真正的设计。
    Once the quotes is approved, then we start on brainstorming and create wireframes to share our ideas & directions. After approval on concept wire-framing, we start on real designs.

  4. 设计提交后,我们要求客户审核并提供建设性的反馈。 没有什么是完美的,通过合作,我们实现了最佳设计,客户100%满意。
    After designs submission, we ask client to review and give constructive feedbacks. Nothing is perfect and by collaboration we achieve the best design with client 100% satisfaction.

  5. 为了实现最佳功能设计,我们为开发人员准备了详细的文档。 并使用托管源文件处理所有必要的资产。
    To achieve best functional designs, we prepare full wrap-up with detailed documentation for developers. And process all necessary assets with managed source files.

  6. 在最后一轮更改后,我们再次检查完整设计,以确保一切都符合设计标准。 像网格一样,使用字体,间距,颜色和按钮层次结构。
    After final round of changes, We again check full design to make sure everything is on design standards. Like grids, use of fonts, spacings, colors & buttons hierarchy.

先未精神 Our Spirit

Design comes from life,detail achievement quality.

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